Mercy Home: A HOME for Orphans

According to a census done in India , more than 100,000 children are aborted every year because the parents couldn't feed the newborns due to poverty. Thousands of children are killed and sold to sex trade and slavery because of debt and poverty. Millions of children are dying due to malnutrition and sickness. Millions still live in darkness and deception of Satan and witchcraft; as they are illiterate and ignorant. God's answer to these problems as revealed to Pastor Daniel from the Voice of the Gospel Ministry, Thrissur, India was to form a "Mercy Home." 


Mercy Home is a God-given project to minister to the needs of the under-privileged and uneducated orphans and the poor children. Mercy Home is a place where these children are offered proper care, good food, education, shelter and spiritual upbringing with Christian character.
This is not at all an orphanage but a "home" concept where children grow in love, peace and responsibility. Ten children are cared-for and raised-up in this home under the committed personal attention of a Christian Pastor and his wife. They will be the parents of these children and will take care of every matter. VOICE OF GOSPEL ministry meets all their physical and spiritual needs.
These children will help each other also grow in love. The children will work and study together and, most importantly, grow up with role models in their lives. The pastor will be supported with enough money to raise these children. The children will attend school and will be trained in a trade such as welding, carpentry, tailoring, refrigeration, plumbing, masonry work, electrical works, automobile mechanism, cycle repairing and two wheeler mechanism. For those who want to pursue higher education in universities, the Mercy Home, God-willing, will be able to assist them. 
The result of this endeavor is a generation of faithful, responsible, and Christ-honoring men and women of God.