One Summer with the King

Fasting and Prayer

By PM |  July 25, 2011

 Dear TSH Family,
Blessings to you! As we move into the hot days of summer, I am reminded of our Lord’s constant Refreshing Presence that guides our local congregation. We are a community of the Holy Spirit – begotten, birthed and baptized in the Holy Spirit!
In the last couple of months I sensed the direction of the Holy Spirit to move our Sunday gatherings to our 368 West-Cummings location (Woburn Campus). As I mentioned in our Sunday Service (july-10), I felt a strong leading to pray and seek the Lord as a community for a permanent church-home base for TSH – a place where we can expand and flourish! Hence, in discussing the matter with the Servant-Council Team at TSH, I sensed a deep need to set apart a time of praying, fasting, giving and reading the Word of God (all found in  Matthew 5-7 ) this summer for a period of 21-days!
So for the next 21-days please link your faith to the Voice of the Holy-Spirit to the Shepherd’s House to pray, fast and give (all found in  Matthew 5-7 ) as the Holy Spirit leads you...
Please consider (for the next 21-days) about fasting one meal a day OR giving up sweets or meats during the next 21-days OR whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to give up during the next 21-days so that you can focus on the Holy Trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through the Word of God.
We started our focused time of fasting and prayer at 6am on July-11th and we will conclude our focused time of fasting and prayer at 6am on July-31st.
As your pastor, I am asking you to do the following together as a "community" for the next 21-days:
1. For the next three weeks to read as much of the Apostle Paul's prison epistles, and see what the Holy Spirit is saying to your family and our church:
i)                 Galatians
ii)                Ephesians
iii)               Philippians
iv)                Colossians
v)                  Philemon 
2. For the next three weeks, please join the pastoral team during “appointed times of prayer” (Wednesday Nights @ 7pm and OTHER times to be announced soon…)
3. For the next three weeks, Please PRAY  for the following based on 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 :
 i)   Our Nation and State (Spiritual Health and wisdom for our leaders - 1 Tim.2:1 )
ii)   Healthy Families (Spiritual, Physical, Social and Financial) at TSH - 3 John 2
iii)  New Church Home for TSH ( Acts 17:26-28 ; Psalm 16 )
iv)  Our ministry to the community and the world ( Ephesians 6:10-20
Please join me as we seek the Lord’s Face for His Plan for this Land…
Your servant-in-Christ,
Pastor Moh